PeepHole Security Dealer Program

PeepHole Security is a division of an established hi-tech company service industry since 1980.

The security business is a multi-million dollar enterprise. It has gained intense interest in recent years due to home invasions. Something as insignificant as a "peephole", has become the first level of protection and security against unauthorized entry. It also has become a very lucrative business for individuals looking for self-employment, or to supplement their income by installing our sophisticated Door Viewers for family, friends and neighbors on their spare time.

Individuals who are comfortable with hand tools, and have basic carpentry skills, may be perfect candidates to become independent contractors/dealers in their city. The installation procedure is quite simple and requires only a few tools.

PeepHole Security is building a network of independent contractors/ dealers in Canada and the US, to supply and install our Door Viewers in their city. Peephole Security receives many inquires generated through the Internet, and will refer the leads to the local contractor/dealer in the area. The contractor will supply and install the Door Viewers and keep all the profits. For more information about the independent contractor/dealer program, please enter the DEALER SECTION or contact PeepHole Security for authorization.



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