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Conventional door peepholes only give you a very limited view of who is outside your door. Your door is your first and last barrier to protect yourself and your family from potentially dangerous situations, such as forced entry or home invasion. Your best security investment is a high quality door viewer.

PeepHole Security supplies and installs innovative door viewers that can greatly improve your home security against burglary and intruders.  These high-tech security devices provide a larger panoramic view of the outside. No need to strain your eyes or press right up to the peephole to see who is outside your door. Unlike most conventional peepholes, the UltraVision or SuperVision Projection Door Viewers are similar to a miniature color TV screen. The WideScope lens design allows observation from as far as three feet to as close as a few inches away.

The MiniScope and MiniView are the shortest peepholes in the market for doors under 1" thickness. Our unique products are designed to provide exceptional visuals and value that you cannot find in most hardware stores.

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